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HKD  //  Seminars and conferences  //  Seminars and conferences in Croatia  //  13th Round Table on Mobile Libraries in the Republic of Croatia and the 7th Festival of Croatian Mobile Libraries
13th Round Table on Mobile Libraries in the Republic of Croatia and the 7th Festival of Croatian Mobile Libraries

Location: Pula 12.05.2017 -

Venue and date: Pula, City Library and Reading Room Pula, Friday, May 12th 2017.
Organisers: Commission for Mobile Libraries and the Commission for Public Libraries of the Croatian Library Association.
: City Library and Reading Room Pula and Association of Istria librarians.

Members of the Programme and organising committee: Nela Načinović, Nadia Bužleta, Liana Diković, Iva Lanča Joldić, Iva Ciceran, Đurđica Pugelnik, Nada Radman, Ljiljana Črnjar, Ljiljana Vugrinec and Iva Pezer.
Name of the Round Table: Let's start a bibliobus! How to initiate and maintain a mobile library service?

  • to popularise the services of mobile libraries and encourage the development of the existing, as well as establishing new services in counties which lacked them so far;
  • to enable specialised professional improvement of librarians in the subject of mobile libraries and to facilitate the exchange of professional experience among empoyees of mobile library services;
  • to utilise international experiences and to establish partnerships;
  • to introduce Croatian mobile libraries to the public and to the participants of the Conference, and use the Festival of Croatian Mobile Libraries as a media attraction of sorts which will promote the services and the mission of not only mobile libraries, but public libraries as a whole;
  • to maintain the continuity of professional conferencies and to present the services of mobile libraries in Croatia in order to improve their work and to promote them to the general public.

Work mode: invited speakers, poster presentations, discussions, presentation of bibliobuses and accompanying programme.

Participation fee: 100,00 kn (includes: work materials, refreshments, participation certificate).

Participation fee: In order to pay the participation fee, it is required to fill in the registration form: online registration
until April 20th 2017. After the City Library and Reading Room Pula receives the your registraton, they will send you a bill for the payment of the participation fee, that should be payed by April 28th 2017.
Confirmation deadline: April 20th 2017 → Oline registration
Deadline for the payment of the participation fee: April 28th 2017.


  • „Park Plaza Arena“ Hotel, Verudela street 31, 52100 Pula and 
  • „Brioni“ Hotel, Verudela streed 16, 52100 Pula

Staying between: May 10th and May 14th 2017.
Room types: double / single rooms
Service: overnight stay with breakfast or half board service


Manner of reservation: via the web page http://www.arenaturist.com by entering the access code BIBLIO.
Access code should be entered while choosing a hotel and the dates of stay.
DEADLINE FOR RESERVATION under the above mentioned prices and terms: April 15th 2017.
Payment: the guests and the participants of the Conference and the Festival of Mobile Libraries are paying on the spot, with cash or by credit card.
The tourist accommodation tax is not included in the price and amounts to 0,80 € per day per person.
The price of half board includes breakfast and dinner.
At Brioni hotel the price of half board includes a complimentary drink with dinner (draught beer/wine, juices, water).
The hotels are situated 300 metres away and each hotel has its own parking lot. Parking is free for the guests of the hotel.
Arenaturist - marketing
Contact: Ada Bogović
E – mail: ada@arenaturist.hr
Tel. +385/52/529 432
Fax. +385/52/529 401

Venue of the Conference and Festival

Venue of the Conference: professional conference „Let's start a bibliobus! How to initiate and maintain a mobile library service?“ will be held on May 12th 2017 in City Library and Reading Room Pula, Kandlerova street 39, 52100 Pula.
Venue of the poster exhibition: the posters will be exhibited in the same venue as the Conference, in the great hall of City Library and Reading Room Pula (Kandlerova street 39, Pula)
Mobile library festival: the bibliobuses will be parked on „Karolina“ parking lot, near the City Library and Reading Room Pula (cca 150 metres). The entrance to the parking lot is from Riva street.
Parking: for the participants arriving in their own vehicles, there is a possibility of payed parking on city streets close to the Library (Amfiteatarska street, Flavijevska street, Istarska street, Scalierova street, Kolodvorska street, Splitska street, Riva street, Carinski gat) or on the „Karolina“ parking lot, where the Mobile library festival will be held. More information is available at: http://www.pulaparking.hr/.
THE INSTRUCTIONS with the maps for arrival and parking of the bibliobuses on the „Karolina“ parking lot will be sent at the e-mail addresses of participating mobile library services.

More information is available on: http://www.gkc-pula.hr/hr/ and http://www.hkdrustvo.hr/en/novosti or at the following e-mail addresses: ivapezer@gmail.com and nadia.buzleta@gkc-pula.hr.

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