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HKD  //  News  //  47th Croatian Library Association General Conference and Assembly
47th Croatian Library Association General Conference and Assembly (17.05.2022)

Place and time of the event: The Providur's and Rector's palace, Zadar, October 5 – 8 2022

Organizer: Croatian Library Association

Suborganizers: Zadar Library Association, Zadar City Library, Zadar Research Library, Department of Information Sciences at University of Zadar

Programme Committee: Dijana Machala, Blaženka Peradenić-Kotur, Andreja Tominac, Jasenka Pleško, Dragutin Nemec, Drahomira Cupar, Ivan Kraljević, Amelia Kovačević, Marija Bartolić, Vera Vitori, Ivana Župić Baždarić, Branka Marijanović

The Conference Model: hybrid conference: the programme section of the Assembly will be organized through invited speeches, presentations, workshops, round tables, and poster presentations.

The Conference Topic: Libraries Build New Worlds



1. Digital Transformation and Green Transition

  • Cultural heritage in the digital environment: eCulture
  • Libraries as part of science and research infrastructure
  • Libraries in the implementation of sustainable development goals: green libraries

Panel discussion: IFLA's new organisational structure: reflections on national professional associations

Forum: Activities of the regional societies

2. The Librarian Profession under New Circumstances

  • Strategic and by-law professional framework: regulations, standards, status of the regulated profession
  • Library competences: the competency framework
  • Scholarly communication: scientific research methodology, scientific literacy
  • Communication channels: professional and scholarly journals in traditional and digital environment, advocacy programmes, campaigns

3. The Role of Libraries, the Power of the Written Word and the Development of Reading Culture

  • Building library collections under new circumstances: acquisition, purchase, deposit copy
  • Copyright in the digital environment: releasing digitized works not available on the market and the role of the library community
  • The role of libraries in open science
  • Growth of the reading public

4. Concern for the Welfare Of Members and the Library Community

  • Library support programmes: for the well-being and promotion of wellness
  • Libraries and solidarity: collaboration, support, need groups
  • Library services for special user groups

The central theme of the 47th Assembly of the Croatian Library Association "Libraries Build New Worlds" announces key trends in the library profession and their implementation in the Croatian library system. In this context, the aim is to stir a broader professional discussion on the current activities in the digital transformation of Croatian libraries and library collections, as well as on the development of "new age" library services, intended for different user groups. The issue of accessibility and diversity of digital collections has become imperative in times of crisis, when libraries are unable to provide safe access to materials in the physical space for all potential users. The activities of Croatian libraries in the field of green transition contribute to raising community awareness of environmental responsibility and sustainability of society.

The library profession faces several challenges arising from the digital transformation. These challenges require, above all, a redefinition of library competences in the new information age. The exchange of experiences and best practises, as well as scientific contributions to Croatian librarianship have a long publishing tradition in Croatia, both in professional and scientific publications in the field of librarianship and information sciences. In this capacity, the Croatian Library Association strives to continuously maintain the quality level of its professional and scientific publications. Moreover, shifts towards greater availability of professional and scientific information to librarians in the digital environment need to be made. Academic writing skills are crucial for maintaining the quality of the Croatian Library Association publications, but also for their promotion and greater visibility in the international professional community.

Trends in librarianship indicate a redefinition of library practices and access to both traditional and digital library collections. The development of library collections under new conditions is based on new concepts of acquisition and deposit copy policies. Digitisation of library collections is governed by new copyright legislation to make library collections as accessible as possible in the digital environment. In this capacity, libraries have numerous opportunities, but also responsibilities, in how they approach the digitisation of collections and ensure open access to digitised materials. Information, data and publications are progressively being connected through the open science system and they contribute to the visibility and accessibility in the digital environment. Users' reading habits and reading culture are changing, and Croatian libraries are continuously developing various approaches and educational campaigns to promote reading well-being and literacy development.

The libraries of the new age also adapt to the specific needs of the community. Today's social conditions, population migrations, health crises, etc. are pushing the boundaries of library activities. Libraries are increasingly adapting to the individual needs of users and the community, with the aim of social inclusion, solidarity with community needs and the provision of various forms of professional support to improve quality of life and leisure activities.

Abstract submission form


Izlaganje / Presentation
Panel rasprava - okrugli stol / Panel discussion
Forumska rasprava / Forum discussion
Radionica / Workshop
Postersko izlaganje / Poster presentation
Sponzorsko izlaganje / Sponor presentation



Abstract submission - 1st deadline: July 31, 2022

Abstract submission - 2nd deadline: September 2, 2022

Confirmation of acceptance (1st deadline): 8th August 2022



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