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Letters of support  (published: 30.12.2020)

IFLA CPDWL SC members sending love to all our colleagues in Croatia

At the conclusion of the CPDWL Satellite Conference hosted in Zagreb by colleagues in the Croatian Library Association and the National and University Library in Zagreb and attended by so many people in the LIS community, we received a beautiful gift of Croatian folk art as a commemoration of our wonderful collaboration.

We’re sharing this back with you today, to let you know that you and all our friends in Croatia are in our thoughts at this difficult time. May you all remain safe and sound over the coming days.

Best wishes from your international friends across the world,

Dr Gillian Hallam FALIA PFHEA
Co-Chair, IFLA Section for Continuing Professional Development
and Workplace Learning (CPDWL)


Solidarity from Loida Garcia-Febo

I'm sending light and power to our colleagues in Croatia. Prayers for a swift and complete recovery from the earthquakes.
Puerto Rico has experienced earthquakes this past year and I know how scary they can be.

Strength, light and peace.

In solidarity,

Loida Garcia-Febo
International Library Consultant
News about my work: https://loidagarciafebo.wordpress.com/
Loida Garcia-Febo – International Librarian
Member of ACURIL in the Caribbean!
American Library Association President 2018-2019
Chair, ALA 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Task Force
Chair, ALA Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship (COSWL)
IFLA Management of Library Associations Section, Information Coordinator
IFLA New Professionals Co-Founder, Advisor
Founder, New Librarians Global Connections online series
IFLA Governing Board Member 2013-2017


Happy Easter  (published: 10.04.2020)

IFLA CPDWL Satellite Meeting, 20-21 August 2019, Zagreb, Croatia  (published: 14.08.2019)

Cooperation bitween CLA and IRC at U.S. Embassy Zagreb  (published: 08.06.2019)

Marija Cvetnic Kopljar, Information Resource Center Director at the U.S. Embassy Zagreb, and President of the Croatian Library Association, Mrs. Dijana Machala, met June 3 to discuss about mutual partnership and futher activities.


14th Roundtable Discussion on Mobile Libraries in the Republic of Croatia and the 8th Festival of Croatian Bookmobiles - 2nd notice  (published: 27.05.2019)

Name of the Roundtable Discussion: Bookmobile, Really?

Occasion: 50th Anniversary of the Mobile Library Service of Rijeka City Libray and The Day of Croatian Bibliobuses - June 9th (in celebration of the day when the mobile library service first got organized) in Rijeka in 1969


Registration for IFLA CPDWL Satellite Meeting 2019, Zagreb, Croatia is open  (published: 14.05.2019)

Registration for the CPDWL Satellite Meeting is now open!

Free registration at https://ifla.hkdrustvo.hr/registration/registration-form/ …

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, there is no registration fee to attend the conference.

Please note that all participants are required to register. Maximum number of participants is 120.

Register by 31 July 2019 for a seat to attend awesome sessions on LIS mentoring & research, artificial intelligence, advocacy & more – see the list of accepted proposals!

IFLA CPDWL will offer between 12 and 15 bursaries of up to Euro 600 to support the costs of travel and accommodation to attend the Satellite Meeting.

Send your application by email, with the subject line ‘IFLA CPDWL Bursary Application’ to cpdwl.ifla@gmail.com by 30 April 2019. All applications will be acknowledged upon receipt. All applicants will receive notification of the outcome of their bursary application no later than 10 May 2019.

Happy Easter  (published: 18.04.2019)

IFLA CPDWL Satellite Meeting, Zagreb, Croatia, 20-21 August 2019  (published: 10.03.2019)

IFLA CPDWL Satellite Meeting Librarians and information professionals as (pro)motors of change: immersing, including and initiating digital transformation for smart societies will be held 20-21 August 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The IFLA Section for Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) focuses on all aspects of professional development and learning in the workplace and brings together those library and information professionals who are interested in and responsible for developing the skills and expertise needed in a rapidly changing world. This Satellite Meeting represents a collaboration with the Croatian Library Association (Hrvatsko Knjižničarsko Društvo) to present a forum where ideas about the impact of the digital world on our current and future skillsets can be discussed and shared.


14th Round Table Discussion on Mobile Libraries in Croatia and the 8th Festival of Croatian Bookmobiles - first announcement and invitation  (published: 07.02.2019)

Place and date: Rijeka, June 7 and 8, 2019 (Friday and Saturday)
Location and time frame for the Festival: Korzo, June 7, 10.00 a. m. – 1.00 p. m.
Location ant time frame for the Round Table Discussion: Rijeka, City Hall, Korzo 16
June 7, 15.00 p. m. – 19.00 p. m.
June 8, 9.00 a.m – 13.00 p. m.
Further notifications with detailed program annd precise assembly schedule of the are to be
annouced by March 30, 2019.
Organizer: HKD – Mobile Library Committee
Co-organizer: Rijeka City Library
Program and Oganisation Board members: Niko Cvjetković, Nika Čabrić, Ljiljana Črnjar, Iva Grković, Nada Radman, Verena Tibljaš, Ljiljana Vugrinec



 Place : Zagreb / Brijuni, Croatia, 8-10 November 2018

Organizer: National and University Library in Zagreb

Coorganizer: Croatian Library Association – Working Group for Green Libraries

With the support of IFLA Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group (ENSULIB) and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia


Green and sustainable libraries represent a new branch of librarianship. Their aim is to educate users and promote and popularize sustainable development, organic food production, environmentalism, alternative energy and green technology, architecture and innovations.

The conference will provide an opportunity for participants/librarians to encounter the latest trends in the development of this new field and exchange experiences and examples of best practice. The program will include talks by scientists, experts and activists of international renown in the field of green libraries.

The conference will be held over two days and will conclude with an excursion.


  • Building a green and sustainable library – architecture, adaptation, extension
  • Green collections – collection development, availability of items, educating librarians
  • Libraries and digital commons – knowledge commons, material footprint and artificial scarcity in knowledge access
  • Interacting with the community – educating users, societal impact
  • Green literacy and mental ecological education – sociology, medicine, cultural anthropology, ethnology, philosophy, ethics, bioethics in librarianship and the media
  • Green projects and programs – presentation, realization, evaluation


Talks by invited speakers, accepted presentations, poster presentations and Workshops


The official language of the conference is English.

More info.


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