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11th Round Table on Free Access to Information 'Libraries in the Knowledge Society'

Location: Zagreb 09.12.2011
Organiser: Komisija za slobodan pristup informacijama i slobodu izražavanja Hrvatskoga knjižničarskog društva i Katedra za bibliotekarstvo Odsjeka za informacijske znanosti Filozofskog fakulteta u Zagrebu

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The Croatian Library Association Committee for Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) and the Department for Information Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences have organized a Round Table on Free Access to Information as an annual event since 2001. The Round Table is held each year on the 10th December to celebrate the International Day of Human Rights. Each Round Table has been dedicated to a specific topic related to free access to information in our libraries and aimed at identifying a possible obstacle to free access and providing recommendations for its abolishment. The specific topics of past Round Tables have been: provision of cultural information, official publications and FOI, information for socially excluded users, information for academic community, lifelong learning, professional ethics, copyright, right to personal development of the young, and economic recession and libraries.

The topic selected for this year Round Table is Libraries in the Knowledge Society. Librarians can contribute to the development of the Knowledge Society not only by digitization of the rich cultural and scientific heritage in their custody, but also by taking active part in the evaluation and appraisal of the material they keep. They know how to identify authentic and reliable information sources and how to organize useful portals and websites. Their ability is important now when in absence of means for mass digitization in the country, they have to establish selection criteria for digitization. The present selection of the materials exclusively in public domain cannot be satisfying in the long run, and copyright and right clearance issues have to be tackled soon. The presentations at the Round Table will also try to identify the new services needed by users and new skills required by librarians to establish and organize them.

Program and Organizing Committee:
Edita Bacic
Alemka Belan-Simić
Tea Grašić-Kvesić
Aleksandra Horvat
Nevia Raos

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Registration fee to be paid  to the Hrvatsko knjižničarsko društvo account no. 2360000-1101451830 ; MB 3236706  with a note "for  the 11th Round Table". HKD will send the invoice to the address in the form. The registration fee includes summaries of the presentations and refreshment.

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