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the 8th Conference on Public Libraries in the Republic of Croatia

Location: Toplice Sveti Martin na Muri 18.05.2011 - 21.05.2011
Organiser: Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u Zagrebu, Hrvatsko knjižničarsko društvo, Sekcija za narodne knjižnice i Knjižnica i čitaonica 'Nikola Zrinski' Čakovec


Library - the communication and multiculturality hub of a local community

The Conference is divided into following sections:

  1. Library as a communication hub - communication with local community; cooperation with other cultural and educational institutions, organizations, and businesses; social networks for users; educational programmes for users; web portals; privacy protection; online access to information of interest to a cross-section of population; promotion of reading, information and media literacy;
  2. Library as a centre of multiculturality - programmes promoting and advocating diversity; library as a space open for promotional events of various cultural groups without own premises; availability of translation and originals in various languages; printed and online services and programmes in other languages; development and expansion of partnerships with national minorities.

The objective of the Conference is to direct attention to the library as the focal point in a local community, and present the programmes and events to achieve this goal including all users in the process, regardless of their nationality, age, gender, religion, language, disability, economic or employment status, or education.

Mode of conduct

  • presentations (15-20min.)
  • panel discussion - creation of the Strategy for the public libraries in Croatia

Official language

  • Croatian

The Conference is preceeded by a workshop, titled Partnership in the establishment of libraries and library services, organized by the HKD (Croatian Library Association) Working group for public advocacy, to be held on 18 May 2011, 15.00-17.30h, with representatives of local authorities and self-government bodies from Međimurska, Varaždinska, Koprivničko-križevačka, and Bjelovarsko-bilogorska Counties.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011 - arrival of attendees, registration and accommodation.
At 18.00h a gala opening of the Conference and introductory speech.

Thursday, 19 May 2011, and Friday, 20 May 2011 - working days.

Thursday, 19 May 2011 at 20.00h, end of the first day of the Conference - a gala dinner for attendees and guests.

Friday, 20 May 2011, following the official part of the Conference, visit to Nikola Zrinski Library in Čakovec, and a guided tour of the City of Čakovec.

Half-day scenic tour of Međimurje is scheduled for Saturday, 21 May 2011.

Call for papers
Organizers are hereby inviting librarians wishing to express their views on the issues related to the Conference topic, to register their papers. All speakers at the 8th Conference on Public Libraries in the Republic of Croatia are to submit their paper summaries by 25 March 2011 to: savjetovanje@nsk.hr. Summaries are submitted by e-mail only, as described.

Paper registration form

  1. Author(s)
  2. Title
  3. Summary (max 500 words)
  4. Technical requirements
     computer
     Internet connection
     sound
  5. Institution
  6. Address
  7. Phone / Fax
  8. E-mail

Notification of paper acceptance will be mailed by 5 April 2011.

All accepted papers will be reviewed and published in the Conference Proceedings.

A full text version of the presentation edited for print is to be sent by 1 May 2011. Submitted papers are to be formatted in accordance with the VBH guidelines.

For participation in the 8th Conference on Public Libraries in the Republic of Croatia please register here.

Programme Committee
Alemka Belan Simić, Vesna Čabrić, Professor Aleksandra Horvat, Ankica Janković, Ljiljana Križan, Sonja Tošić-Grlač, M. A.

Organizing Committee
Sandi Antonac, Nela Marasović, Sonja Tošić-Grlač, M. A.

E-mail: savjetovanje@nsk.hr
Phone: ++385 1 6164 129; ++385 1 6164 197
Fax: ++385 1 6164 285

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