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The 9th Round Table on Free Access to Information: Library as a Public Space

Location: Zagrebu, Knjižnice grada Zagreba, Starčevićev trg 4, 10.12.2009
Organiser: Hrvatsko knjižničarsko društvo i Katedra za bibliotekarstvo Odsjeka za informacijske znanosti Filozofskoga fakulteta u Zagrebu


The library as a public space is the topic of the 9th Round Table on Free Access to Information organized by the Croatian Library Asscociation and the Department of Information Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. The Round Table will take place on the 10th December honouring the International Day of Human Rights.

The increasing globalization and the strong impact of information and communication technology bring on numerous and radical changes not only to the business and commercial sector, but also to the work of societal institutions, libraries included. Libraries have promptly adopted the opportunities offered by the new technology and established new services made feasible by the technology. However, they have not yet succeeded in redefining their changed position in the society.

It has become quite common to compare libraries to business companies and suggest that they should adopt methods and procedures identical or at least similar to those used in the business for the sake of efficiency and quality of library services. Benchmarking, outsourcing, marketing, quality measuring, searching for sponsors and donators, applying for projects to buy the equipment, participating in consortia, digitising their collections, participating in public lending schemes appear to be only some of the new tasks accepted by libraries without reservation. However, it would be helpful to know how those new tasks and new opportunities influence the original mission and tasks of libraries to select, acquire, process, and put to use various library materials with the aim of providing equal access to knowledge and authentic documents to all citizens and to organize adequate programmes and activities suitable for various categories of users in the public library space.

Should libraries redefine their mission in order to be accepted by the society as one of the rare remaining public space outside business, the space open to all citizens in the community, funded on purpose out of taxes paid in order to fulfill special cultural, educational and information role in the society? In what way can libraries support the development of knowledge, skills and competences of individuals to better participate in the democracy, form their own opinions and views and express them in an articulate and useful way? Libraries organize their services using professional judgment and supporting public interest. Are they ready for the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 which are likely to change the public library space, as we know it. Is the position of the librarian changed by the concept of sharing or delivering information via social networks, blogs and wikis? We would like to discuss those issues at the Round Table.

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The registration fee is 30 Eur when received by 20 November 2009 and 40 Eur after that. Payment should be made by bank transfer to the Croatian Library Association:
MB 3236706
c/o NSK,Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4
10 000 Zagreb,Hrvatska
Bank Account:2500-03236706-280
Swift code:ZABA-HR 2X
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Please, make reference to: 8th Round Table

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