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13th Seminar Archives, Libraries, Museums  (published: 23.11.2009)

13th seminar Archives, Libraries, Museums - "Return to Future: Revenge of Standards!" will be held 25-27 November 2009 in Rovinj, in hotel Eden.
You can register online. All information about the seminar can be found at http://public.carnet.hr/akm

New CLA publication  (published: 15.11.2009)

CLA has published translation of IFLA Guidelines for libraries serving hospital patients and the elderly and disabled in long-term care facilities. Publication can be ordered online.

Library fights back  (published: 30.10.2009)

9th seminar for libraries within the system of sciecne and higher education Library fights back: reorganization of imperia will be held 13-14 Novemeber, 2009 in Zagreb.

Book promotion  (published: 27.10.2009)

On October 29, 2009 in National and University Library in Zagreb a book Libraries and copyright by Aleksandra Horvat i Daniela Živković shall be promoted.

Professional meeting Children's Departments Without Boundaries  (published: 20.10.2009)
City Library and Reading Room Vinkovci is marking 15th anniversary of Children's Peace Library, and is organising a meeting Children's Departments Without Boundaries, with professional help of Committee for Library Services to Children and Young People.

INFuture2009 Workshop  (published: 07.10.2009)
Department for information sciences, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb is organising the following workshops Knowledge: Making it Work and The use of Web 2.0 Tools in the Design and Implementation of Pedagogical Activities for e-Learning as pre-event for international conference INFuture2009.

School library between law, rules and reality  (published: 06.10.2009)
CLA, Section for school librarie and Sectin for public libraries is organising a meeting b>School library between law, rules and reality. It will be held in Bjelovar on 26 October 2009.

6th Roundtable on library services for people with special needs  (published: 23.09.2009)
6th Roundtable on library services for people with special needs: Library services for people in hospitals and retirement houses will be held on September 25, 2009 in Zagreb City Library.

7th Symposium for Public Libraries in Republic of Croatia  (published: 22.09.2009)
7th Symposium for Public Libraries in Republic of Croatia will be held in Šibenik from 16-19 September 2009. Topic of this year's symposium is Local collections in public libraries. Official home page

New publications  (published: 02.09.2009)
Two new titles have been published in the CLA Occasional Publication Series : IFLA Guidelines for Library Services for Young Adults, with a special appendix prepared for Croatian edition of Guidelines „Web 2.0 and library services for young adults: introduction for librarians“. Guidelines were edited by Ana Barbarić. The second title was edited by Mirna Willer UNIMARC bibliographic format 4th Croatian edition of this IFLA standarda. All titles can be ordered online.

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